Keep beating the last piece of Wagyu meat in the world to cook it. Flames are lame!


----How To Play----

Move your mouse to control your hand. You can use your hand to block flame and fireballs. The more slaps and the longer you can survive with the Wagyu, the better!




This game was made in 3 days for the 💥 Juice Jam 💥 

It is very rushed but I hope you enjoy it in some way :D


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Meat being squishy is so good..
I really liked it.
I think there should be a small tutorial in the beginning of the game other than the description..
In the part where rocket aka flames in the game.. its like quite unpredictable so i think.. there should be a small warning like something

ngl, game looks nice and it is awesome that you made this game in three days :)
Nice Job 👍


thank you for the feedback and yes tutorial is definitely needed I just didn't really manage my time that well so I just kinda rushed through everything and just skipped a tutorial. For all the projectiles I did have a brief flashing warning but I guess that was still too fast, I was kinda afraid of making it too easy but again thanks for the feedback, I'll have a look into all of it!


among us

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I love the meat hitting animation :D